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Wir laden ein zu einem Online- Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus Buchner zum Thema „Überwachung“.

„Wer die Freiheit aufgibt, um Sicherheit zu gewinnen, wird am Ende beides verlieren.“ Benjamin Franklin

Herr Prof. Dr. Dr. Buchner ist ehem. Prof. im Fachbereich Mathematik der TU München, Bundesvorstandsmitglied der ÖDP und ehem. Mitglied im EU-Parlament.

Impuls- Vortrag, anschließend Fragen und Diskussion

Fragen bitte per Email bis spätestens 19.01.2021 an vision2020@email.de

Zugangsdaten nach Anmeldung unter vision2020@email.de

Die ÖDP (Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei) ist nach wie vor die einzige Partei, die sich kritisch zu Mobilfunk und klar gegen 5G positioniert und sich für die Förderung gesundheitsverträglicher Alternativen im Kommunikationsbereich einsetzt. Eine grundlegende Veränderung der Situation ist nur auf der politischen Ebene zu erreichen und nur denkbar durch die Ausbremsung des Lobbyismus mit Hilfe eines strikten Parteispendenverbots sowie durch die Abwendung von der Wachtums-Ideologie hin zu einer Kreislaufwirtschaft. Es lohnt sich, im Hinblick auf die bevorstehende Bundestagswahl, das Programm der ÖDP zu lesen. Die Regierenden wiederum brauchen „den Druck der Straße“ also von uns BürgerInnen und Bürgerinitiativen um entsprechende Anträge einbringen und durchsetzen zu können.

Die Veranstalter ÖDP-Kreisverband Weilheim-Schongau und Bürgerinitiative Stoppt-5G.jetzt wünschen ein gutes neues Jahr, Gesundheit und Zuversicht!

Datum: 20.01.2021

Uhrzeit: 20:00- 21:30 Uhr





Join in as we collectively call for a stop to 5G, and a move toward safer, more respectful and life-affirming technology.

How to Organize a Successful Stop 5G Protest 
Concise and practical tips on how to get started organizing a Protest Day Event.

Link to PDFhttps://stop5ginternational.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/How-to-Organize-a-Successful-5G-Protest.pdf

Blog post: 

Open Letter to the United Nations from Stop 5G International
This Open Letter to the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights covers a wide array of issues and may prove useful in informing public officials of the numerous largely unaddressed harms of 5G.

The letter presents the many and multifaceted reasons for worldwide mounting resistance to 5G. These include impacts on health, wildlife, privacy, self-sovereignty, cyber security, e-footprint from energy consumption and e-waste, conflict minerals, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, harsh worker conditions, psycho-social effects, unquantified public subsidies, and liability.

Problems from satellites include increased endangerment of global security, interference with weather prediction and astronomical research, space debris and likely collisions, depletion of the ozone layer, loss of enjoyment of the night skies, interference with wildlife navigation and orientation, dangers posed from solar flares, ever more radiation emissions, and the, as yet unstudied effects on planetary life….
PDF to Open Letter:
Blog Post:

Response Letter to the European Union Endorsed by 72 „Counter-5G“ Organizations
„On October 13, fifteen countries from within the European Union sent a joint letter alerting European Commission officials to ‚increasing activity in the anti-5G movement‘ across Europe and warning that such activities could hinder the EU’s efforts to meet its ‚ambitious 5G goals.‘ The letter urged the European Union to create a ‚joint initiative on counteracting the spread of disinformation related to 5G networks and the need of public awareness raising activities.‘

In response, 72 organizations, dedicated to protecting public health and the environment, sent a joint letter to European Commission Officials. The letter calls for 1) the elimination of bias from regulatory bodies; 2) the support of independent science; and 3) full public consultation on how best to integrate technology into our lives so as to maximize the benefits and minimize the harms.“
Link to Response Letter endorsed by 72 “counter-5G” organizations:
Link to the initial letter sent by the 15 nations:
French translation, courtesy of Coalition Québécoise de Lutte Contre la Pollution Electromagnétique
Blog Post:

2020 Consensus Statement of UK and International Medical and Scientific Experts and Practitioners on Health Effects of Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR). Author: Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe Signed by groups representing > 3500 medical doctors

  • RFR has been proven to damage biological systems at intensities below ICNIRP* guidelines.
  • Public exposure to RFR is already harmful and will rise with the deployment of 5G.
  • Exposure is unavoidable, contravening the Human Rights Act for those who do not consent.
  • Multiple international governmental health advisory groups are biased by conflicts of interest.

Required Urgent Actions:

  • Immediate moratorium on 5G, wireless smart metering and any other new RF emissions.
  • Establishment of public safety limits to be biologically protective against adverse health effects.
  • Withdrawal of Wi-fi, wireless phone and other RFR emissions from within / near all schools.
  • Designation of low EMR* areas to protect those who are unwell or do not consent to exposure.
  • Education programmes to inform medical professionals on EMR related illnesses / effects.
  • A zero tolerance approach to industrial influence on public health policy and assured exclusion of those with conflicts of interest from official advisory bodies.


Landmark 5G study by New Hampshire legislative Commission recommends reducing wireless exposure. EMF Safety Network
Summary by EMF Safety Network of the 2000 page report.
„The state of New Hampshire established a legislative commission to study the environmental and health effects of 5G wireless technology in 2019. They recently completed their final report which includes 15 recommendations to raise awareness, educate, promote oversight, and reduce radiofrequency radiation (RF, also known as wireless).“

Vimeo link to new EMF Medical Conference 2021 Trailer
Please share with medical doctors and other healthcare providers. As healthcare providers become more informed, our legal actions calling for safer technology will gain greater traction.
Post and share widely.

The EMF Medical Conference 2021

Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF Associated Illness
January 28 – 31, 2021
A Virtual Conference
The EMF Medical Conference (EMFMC) 2021 will convene leading physicians, clinicians, and scientists for a series of presentations on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of EMF associated illness. Experts in EMF assessment will present proven methods that can prevent or limit EMF exposure hazards.
Suggested 5G Declaration (Can be adapted)
Make your position known to all with this Declaration on 5G. Declaration can be modified and used in your country/community to raise awareness of the harms of 5G. Great for placement in your local paper, printing as a flyer, or as a basis for a petition.
https://www.5gcrisis.com/toolkit (scroll down to see it.)Letter to the United Nations and World Health Organization from Professor Olle Johansson
In this letter to the UN and WHO, former associate professor Olle Johansson focuses primarily on the health impacts from radiofrequency microwave radiation (RF/MW)
Speaking to public officials Professor Johansson writes, „You, and your peers, have an incredible opportunity to protect the public now and work with the industry to bring biologically safe technology to market, one of the solutions would be to have shielded wired connections instead of wireless. You are part of the future, and this time in another moral-ethical realm.”
News Updates and Announcements from Stop 5G International offer resources, actions and insights to counter 5G and call for a safer, wired technology future.
For more information, please visit www.stop5ginternational.org,
Facebook: Global Action to Stop 5G, https://www.facebook.com/groups/548912049259423/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stop_5G_Intl,
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/stop5ginternational/



Wenn Sie eigene 5G-Termine haben und hier veröffentlichen wollen, senden Sie Ihre Veranstaltungshinweise bitte mit PDF über das Kontaktformular an uns: stoppt-5g.de/veranstaltung-einreichen/.